How to Wash Silk

We think our silk pillowcases are great, but don't just take our word for it, the experts at Good Housekeeping agree with us too!

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So now that you have your silk pillowcases, what's the best way to keep them looking like new? Between our suggestions and Good Housekeeping's practices, we've got you covered - pun intended!


Laundering Silk Bedding:

Please pay special attention to the following instructions to help maintain the softness of your silk items. Kindly understand it is natural for silk’s sheen to slightly decrease after washing. The fabric still maintains its durability & lasts many years. It even gets softer after each wash!


Always Remember:

  • Pick a detergent designed for delicate fabrics such as Woolite, Ivory Liquid Soap or baby shampoo.
  • Do not use harsh detergents that contain bleaches or brighteners.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Whether hand or machine washing use luke warm water.


To Wash By Hand:

  • Follow the above-mentioned instructions.
  • For an extra silky feel, add of a few drops of your own hair conditioner to the final rinse, in place of fabric softener.

To Machine Wash:

Be careful, center agitator washing machines can damage your items if the proper cycle is not used.

  • Wash on a hand wash or delicate cycle only.
  • We recommend placing garments in a mesh washing bag or turning inside out.
  • Wash with delicate fabrics, as heavier, more durable fabrics can damage more delicate ones in the wash.

To Dry:

We recommend using a machine dryer to help remove fabric wrinkles & maintain softness.

  • Tumble dry on an air-only cycle or delicate – low heat cycle for 10 minutes.

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