About Us

Fishers Island is located off the coast of New London, Connecticut, yet surprisingly part of New York.  Many describe it as a place that embodies a bygone era.  People wave to everyone they pass whether they know them or not. Kids are still told to “go out and play”, and they do.  Others may say this is a place stuck in a time warp, what no fast food, no big box stores, what does one do all day?  Well, in our case, there is an appeal to the lapping of waves on a nearly deserted beach at the height of the summer, a cup of coffee on a deck watching boats go by and great egrets a stone’s throw away.  There is a tranquil peace that comes from having to take a ferry to a place that only holds so many cars and so many people that only runs so many times a day.  This place, this oasis from the hectic day to day was the driving force from which Fishers Finery was created. 

We sought, by using simple, ecologically responsible fabrics, including cashmere, bamboo viscose and silk coupled with quality construction, to create products that respect what is Fishers Island.  Fishers Finery is a conscious lifestyle choice, a choice that is less complicated, but not without thought.  It is a desire for quality, comfort and style, but not at the expense of the environment.  Our garments designed and created at Fishers Finery are no less than the definition of understated elegance.

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