Travel made easy—and organized!

November 04, 2014 1 min read

Traveling means packing. Fishers Finery makes packing simple, check out our Hanging Toiletry Bag and our Travel Packing Cubes. See what our Travel Experta, Maria has to say about our travel pieces.

Direct from our Travel Experta, Maria K. Villatoro:

For over five years I’ve been eyeing out a hanging toiletry bag. I’ve shown several to my husband before each trip, spending way too much energy on the matter. Yet every time I had to hit the buy button I resisted and resisted.


Honestly, the only reason I can think of is that I like to suffer. Self sabotage, even in areas such as traveling and self care, doesn’t stop. Obviously, I enjoy trudging around a million different baggies for all my toiletries only to realize that I left more than half of the important ones at home. Because traveling with two kids and having a million other things to deal with simply isn’t enough for me.

Well, I finally came to my senses. I decided to simplify my life in all aspects and do some serious upgrading (without the upgrade price) and got me an awesome Hanging Toiletry Bag.  Since I’m a huge fan of Fishers Finery for sleepwear and exercise clothing, I figured their travel accessories will be as high quality.

Our travel accessories make packing easy. Purchase our Hanging Toiletry Bag and our Travel Packing Cubes and take the stress out of your travel!

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