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by Fishers Finery April 21, 2022

EcoYou care what you put in your body, don’t forget to care about what you put on your body.

Fishers Finery sought, by using simple, ecologically responsible fabrics, including cashmere, bamboo and silk coupled with quality construction, to create products that respect our environment. Fishers Finery is a conscious lifestyle choice, a choice that not complicated, but not without thought. It is a desire for quality, comfort and style, but not at the expense of the environment. Our garments are designed and created at Fishers Finery with no less than the definition of understated elegance.

We are committed to our environment. We use low impact dye on all of our garments to obtain beautiful natural colors. Our boxes and packaging are made from 90% recycled materials. Check out our ecofabric line, expect nothing short of comfort and quality.

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