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  • May 09, 2018

    We think our silk pillowcases are great, but don't just take our word for it, the experts at Good Housekeeping agree with us too!

    Did you know that our 25mm 100% Mulberry Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase tied for 1st place and was named an "All-Star Standout Winner" in their tried and tested category?

    So now that you have your silk pillowcases, what's the best way to keep them looking like new? Between our suggestions and Good Housekeeping's practices, we've got you covered - pun intended!

    Hand Wash


    #1. DO NOT use harsh detergents that contain bleach or brighteners.

    #2. Use cold to luke warm water and mild soap.

    #3. Add a few drops of hair conditioner to the final rinse for a silky feel.

    Machine Wash

    #1. Dry cleaning or washing by hand are the best methods for cleaning silk. With that said, these are not the only ways to clean silk. You can can also wash silk by machine.

    #2. Turn inside out and place silk in a mesh washing bag to avoid scratching or pulling of the garment.

    #3. Again, do not use harsh detergents

    #4. Use a gentle cycle setting.


    #1. To dry, wrap silk in a dry towel then lay flat. NEVER wring dry or expose silk to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

    #2. To iron, always iron on backside only and DO NOT use a high setting.


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