Behind The Scenes: All About Our Sea Glass Jewelry

December 01, 2017 4 min read

Sea Glass Jewelry



Sea glass starts it's journey as bottles and other glass containers that are thrown into the ocean. They get broken down and smoothed out over time by the waves and sand. These pieces are washed up on the shore where they are collected for use. Mother nature truly has such a profound role in the creation of sea glass!



There are several reasons why sea glass is held to be so valuable and there are even reasons why one sea glass is more valuable than the other!

Let's start with the fact that sea glass is sadly becoming harder and harder to find. We are loosing its abundance. Years ago nearly everything was contained in glass bottles and jars. Back then, people would toss their bottles and trash into the sea, thus the beginning of the sea glass process. Fast forward to present day, where we understand the dangers of pollution and have created an entirely different disposal process. Many product glass containers have now become plastic too. As we have adapted to our changing lifestyles, sea glass has slowly dwindled.

There are other factors that increase sea glass value like time, shape and color rarity.

Triangular is the most common shape. Large pieces of glass, in a smooth condition, are more rare as it is common for them to hit a rock and break into smaller pieces.Those smaller pieces then have to go through process of smoothing down again. This takes years! One piece of sea glass can be in the ocean for 50-100 years before it is perfectly smooth!

Certain colors are more common than others too. For example green, brown and white are the most common while red, orange, turquoise and yellow are much more rare. The brighter and more vibrant colors are no longer made today, as they were expensive to make. Another cool thing to note about color is that it can help to date the piece of sea glass and give an idea of what type of item it came from!



ALL of our sea glass jewelry pieces are designed and created in Massachusetts by Lita Sea Glass for Fishers Finery. Most of the sea glass is actually found on the shores of Massachusetts too! Lita's passion and knowledge of sea glass is so evident in her pieces. Where do you think we learned all this cool stuff about sea glass?! We love that these timeless and unique treasures are found so close to home.



Ever since she was a child, Lita spent the summers at the beach walking up and down the shore looking for all kinds of treasures to collect. Her creative passion eventually led her to the creation of Lita Sea Glass Jewelry.

Today she and her family walk up and down the beach in search of sea glass gems. After the day's work, they return home with their findings where the sea glass is rinsed with soapy water and laid out to dry.

Each piece is meticulously sorted by color and organized for future designs. Sorting earring pairs can be considered an extremely patient art form. It is a tedious process of sorting similar colors, sizes and shapes into pairs. It cannot be rushed, says Lita.

Sand MediumLita takes pride in using quality of the finished product and materials used. All of our jewelry is made using high quality sterling silver. You can always find her stamp of approval on designs where there is enough room to do so. Look for ".925 Lita" which is the code for sterling silver.

All of the fresh water pearls and semi-precious and precious stones are genuine.



With the holidays right around the corner, Lita Sea Glass Jewelry for Fishers Finery makes an amazing and unique gift to to give. As you have already read, these pieces all contain an amount of history and soul built into their creation. Each piece is is wrapped in a custom gift box with a printed information card inserted. This truly is a thoughtful and timeless gift!

Stacked Sea Glass NecklaceSea Glass Necklace

The Stacked Sea Glass Necklaceis simple and elegant. It features 2 oval-shaped sea glass stones, stacked on one another, all on an adjustable 16"-18" sterling silver chain

The 2-toned stones are 100% hand harvested, genuine sea glass.

Choose from colors: Mist, Sky, Tropical


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Compass Charm NecklaceCompass Charm Necklace

The Compass Charm Necklacefeatures an engravedcompass pendant and custom Fishers Finery logo, layered with a single sea glass stoneand genuinepearlaccent all on an adjustable 16"-18"sterling silver chain.

Choose from colors: Aqua, Colbalt, Seafoam


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Bezel Bangle Bracelet Bezel Bangle Bracelet

The Bezel Bangle Bracelet features a timeless, framed abstract sea glass stone and on a sterling silver bangle.

This stone is 100% hand harvested, genuine sea glass.

Choose from colors: Aqua, Colbalt, Cornflower, Green, Seafoam 

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Fishers Island Charm Necklace with Sea Glass StoneFishers Island Charm Necklace

The Custom Fishers Island Charm Necklacefeatures a lovely silhouette of Fishers Island, offset with a sea glass stone on an adjustable 16"-18" sterling silver chain.

Choose from colors: Aqua, Colbalt, Seafoam, Green, Cornflower


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