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  • by Alyssa Mencio April 27, 2018

    Breaking news: Mother's Day is just around the corner. Cough, cough...May 13th people!

    What better way to show how much you love and appreciate her than showering her with gifts? The hardest part of gift-giving is actually figuring out what she wants. Well you can thank us now or later because we've done the hard work and put together our mom's top 3 favorite items.

    Don't wait until the last minute. Be sure to grab these before they're gone!

    Top 3 Mother's Day Gifts

    1. The 100% Pure Mulberry Silk 30 MM Pillowcase with Gift Box

     Our moms adore this pillowcase! The Mulberry Silk is so smooth and soft. Its a perfect companion to moms with curly hair. It keeps all types of hair soft and free from bedhead.

    Did you know silk helps to prevent wrinkles? It also helps to regulate temperature. Sounds like a super fabric right??

    We picked the 30mm pillowcase because it is the most luxurious and mom deserves it! It also comes wrapped in a gorgeous gift box, so there is absolutely no hassle!

    Choose from Natural White, Silver, Taupe and Light Blue

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    2. The EcoFabric™ Pajama Set with Gift Box - Short Sleeve Top & Full Length PantComfort Fit Pajama Pants

    It was tough to choose just one EcoFabric™ pajama, but our moms ultimately decided on this set.

    They said it had the most versatility with the short sleeve top and long pants. The relaxed fit was a huge bonus too! They loved the flattering design without feel restricted while sleeping.

    Oh, and did we mention this set also comes wrapped in a gift box? We couldn't make this any easier for you!

    Choose from Moonlight Blue, Light Gray, Heather Gray, Sea Glass, Lavender Fog, Petal Pink and Black

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     3. The Kimono Resort Spa Robe with Quilted Design

    This is one of those items that moms love, but might not necessarily get for themselves - which makes it the perfect gift!

    Our moms loved the the quilted design and modal cotton fabric. Its the They also really liked the shorter length on this robe.

    Perfect for after the shower, pool or hot tub. Pamper her like the queen she is!


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